• ~Windsor & London Portrait Photographer~

    The key is the photographer. To help a person look their best, and capture the essence of the person that is characteristic of who they are.



  • ~Windsor & London Commercial Photographer~

    Is the creation of an image that has a life of its own, where you can feel a breeze that may not be blowing or smell an aroma that may not be there.



  • ~Windsor & London Videographer~

    Videography is an incredibly powerful tool to promoting your company. We are now offering the capability to put your business in motion and bring it to life!


Google Tours

  • ~Google Business View Photographer~

    Bring your business to life: Create a 360-degree tour. Showcase all your details. Perfect for restaurants, retail shops, salons!


Hello! My Name Is Lindsay Hanaka

Hanakaeye is located in Windsor, Ontario directly across from Detroit, Michigan, and now in London, Ontario...we've expanded! This is where the heart and passion of creating breathtaking Portraits, Commercial Images, Videography and Art comes truly alive through the eyes of a Photographer/Videographer Lindsay Hanaka. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK !!